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332. a death

this morning, well, afternoon really, my mom woke me up about 12:30. i noticed she didn't seem well, and when i asked what was wrong, still in bed and everything, she told me that our neighbor passed away in the early hours in the morning, around 8:00 am, from a heart attack.

apparently, a bit earlier, they had heard screaming from upstairs, and banging, and a man screaming, 'help me, help me.' my sister is an early bird and she was awake, she woke up my dad, and my parents rushed upstairs. someone called for an ambulance and they took him away, still screaming in agony.

he was a young man by the name of Ahmed Mohammed. he left behind a wife and three children, the oldest of whom is only six years old, and youngest turning one sometime in the next few days.

his oldest daughter will have memories of him. his second daughter has been in Morocco with her grandparents for the last few months, and she's being brought back this week. she hasn't seen him in months; my mom thinks this is a good thing, because in some way she's become used to life without him. his youngest, only son, will never know him because he's too young to even remember.

the baby is staying with us now, since his mom is in serious mourning and can't take care of him. every once in a while he'll start saying 'baba' and even though it's just babbling, it still leaves a sting in my chest whenever he does.

i slept through most of the morning, the heavy part of it, but everyone in this building (3 family house) is affected, and all of his family has come over to mourn and support his wife. his daughter is outside playing with her cousins, having cried herself out in the morning, without even knowing he was dead. she knows now, she's starting to realize it, but she's being kept distracted, which is good.

i haven't cried. i just... i really can't. i didn't know him well, and i know his family will be taken good care of by relatives, and by us, his neighbors.

a selfish part of me is looking at this all and thinking, this could have been me they're crying over. i could have killed myself and everyone would be in our apartment, our neighbors and friends, crying and trying to console my parents. and there would have been no mercy if it was a suicide, if it was intentional. i guess seeing all this woke me up. i can't do this to anybody. i won't. so i'll stay strong and do my best to take care of everyone.

283. will you be my valentine?


the dating game meme ♥


1. all comments must be anonymous. chose a number to represent yourself and put it in the subject line. do not leave obvious hints as to who you are.

2. comment to this entry, anonymously, with the phrase "happy valentine's day!".

3. i will reply to your comment with a question; answer it honestly. i will then ask you another question, and this will continue until sunday night/monday morning.

4. please come check back every so often to see if i have asked you a new question. the game is no fun if you leave it halfway!

5. on monday, february 14th, a new entry will go up announcing the "winner" of the game; i.e., the person who i would most want to go out on a date with based upon the answers to the questions i've asked.

6. there is no prize for "winning". this game is all in good fun, and no one should take it seriously. just be honest and enjoy yourselves!

7. please note that this entry is not f-locked and is left public. if there is something i ask which you would rather not answer, you can pass the question. do not feel obliged to say anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

for those of you unfamiliar with it: the dating game.

friends cut.

friends cut

it's time i did some spring cleaning, so if we don't talk, i wish you well, but we must part.

it's also time for a:

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[fanfic] Sweeter than Syrup

Title: Sweeter than Syrup
Author/Artist: myself, chromatic_coma
Character(s)/Pairing(s): France, Canada; France/Canada
Genre: Romance
Rating: T
Warning(s): France. 'Nuff said.
Summary: Done for haro as part of the maplesandroses exchange, the prompt was In 2009, Eastern Canada had a maple syrup shortage. Canada's really starting to feel the effects of the shortage, but he won't as long as France can help it.

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